Doritos – Grilled Cheese Burger.


Last week New Zealand entered level 3 lockdown which means takeaways are open. I am sure many of you raced down to your favourite fast food joint to grab some shit you have been missing for the past weeks, but staring at the hoards of covid-19 infested punters outside local burger joints, I thought I would make it easy on myself (sorry @tommyscrivener1 – maybe next week… ) and see if Doritos could fill the gap.

These are part of the ‘big food truck flavour’ range from Doritos and indeed the packaging on the front suggests we are being served this shit from the side of a truck. Serving suggestion, I assume as I did not find grilled cheese burgers nor food trucks in this bag.

The first chip I put in my mouth introduced itself with a weird sweaty meat patty flavour which I was not fond of at all. This particular layer of the flavour subsided quickly and evolved to a more not quite pickle flavour, which reminded me of that ‘burger sauce’ condiment I have been seeing around lately. So pretty much toned down thousand island dressing. There was definitely a cheese flavour playing out prominently here too and finally it devolves into the flavour of just corn chip.

Happily, the meaty flavour I tasted upon first bite did not reassert itself as I finished off the bag. Maybe I had become desensitized to it or perhaps the Dorito flavour technician had only sprinkled a little on that one chip – chur bro, I didn’t like that at all.
All of the flavours in this shit were hard to grasp and ethereal like a fleeting dream. Just wasn’t that strong and everything came across as a muted, very subtle, pseudo cheese burger. I kind of get what they were going for, but just didn’t come across for me.

Chips are always kind of good and I would eat again, if I had another one around, but these were just a bit average, I have had better imagining of burger chips before.

Small food truck flavour – 5.5/10

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