Doritos Crackers – Flamin’ Hot

So remember that time that I tried the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos? You do?! Instagram says that was 110 weeks ago! Damn, yous been following me for a long time, thanks for sticking around.

Well anyway, this sh1t is the cracker form of the Cheeto. Which as you recall vividly, I liked very much (9/10). Can the cracker measure up?

Pop quiz follower, you been reading my sh1t this long, so what is it that I always say is the problem with the flavoured crackers?

That is 100% correct! The cracker, having a larger mass must have enough flavour or risk being a subtle and bland piece of sh1t. Go to the head of the class. Gold star for you.

Tearing the top off of this packet and sliding out a few of these showed me that they weren’t as flamin’ red as the Cheeto counterparts although the crackers were imprinted deeply with the Doritos triangle logo and name. Dark red flavouring lined the score marks as if the flamin’ life blood of Doritos seeped out from a fatal cracker wound.

Still not sure if there was enough flavour trenches, I tossed a few into my mouth and chewed contemplatively several times.

The cracker itself was decent, right up there with the other flavoured crackers on the market and… yes, there it was: the flamin’ hot flavour comes through strongly.

For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of trying any of the flamin’ hot sh1t, it is hot, even a little shockingly hot at first. But ones mouth gets used to it and soon, unless you are adverse to hot food, you are easily able to shovel this sh1t in, relishing the spicy heat as air rushes into your mouth as you open it to receive the next flamin’ mouthful. Amazingly, there is no pepper listed at all in the ingredients, (probably falls under ‘natural flavours’), but my best guess would be cayenne pepper.

The flavour didn’t rub off on my fingers as much the Flamin’ hot cheetos did and a quick lick of the fingers prevented me from looking like a mass murder caught red handed.

One tiny criticism: The texture of the cracker, although good, just can’t match up the original near perfect Cheeto texture.

Flame on – 8/10

Doritos Crackers Flamin' hot

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