Dominos – Chicken Parma

I was a little confused on exactly what @dominos_nz was going for with this new menu item. Parma is a city in Northern Italy that is famous for prosciutto and of course Parmesan cheese, but neither of those things are on this pizza.

So then I figured it was ‘Chicken Parmesan’ shortened, as we seem to do with every word in this part of the world – but everyone one knows one of the main ingredients of chicken Parmasan is Parmasan cheese, right? Nope, that would make sense, but chicken Parmasan usually uses mozzarella cheese. Turns out ‘Chicken Parmesan’ is an already simplified term deriving from ‘Chicken Parmigiana’ Parmigiana was originally made with breaded eggplant, but Italian immigrants to the US capitalised on the abundant affordable meat and used chicken.
My mistake, Dominos, I shall be more careful questioning the wisdom of your carefully honed pizza ideas again, you were absolutely correct in your use of ingredients:

Breaded (chicken bites) – ✅
Mozzarella cheese – ✅
Rich tomato sauce – ✅
Bacon or ham optional – ✅

So much care was taken to get this pizza right that the chicken bites are exactly numbered at 22 per pizza ensuring that you will always get your fair share of chicken. Some of the more perceptive folk out there will notice that there considerably less than 22 bites in the picture. That is because I couldn’t fit 22 of them into the picture.
I mean, the crows got them.
several of them accidentally fell into my mouth.
Shut up.

Actually the chicken bites were really well affixed to the pizza – welded to the base with thick, gooey mozzarella. They were tasty and had a nice little zing to them. The sauce was thick and tasty.

I also took the opportunity to try the new deep pan base/crust and found it to be really thick, but light and super fluffy. It may have actually been too much dough in a lesser pizza, but the tomato flavour was still so intense even with all that cheese, it worked out really well.

Is this going to be parma-nent on the menu? – 7/10

4 thoughts on “Dominos – Chicken Parma

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