Domino’s – BBQ Meatlovers Loaded Fries

Domino’s - BBQ Meatlovers Loaded Fries

It’s well due time that I came off of holiday and posted something. How about we look at some Domino’s loaded fires?

My holidays were lazy as sh1t and I am now well rested and ready to post some pictures of food and sh1t, thanks for asking. How about yous? Anything interesting?

I received a request through the website late last year and figured what better way to close the holiday season and get back to work than to have a B̶B̶Q̶ a̶t̶ t̶h̶e̶ b̶e̶a̶c̶h̶, I mean a Domino’s BBQ meatlovers Loaded Fries at the beach.

I grabbed the cute little box that was handed to me after I had ordered, I had to wait only a very short time for my food, and made my way down to the beach. I folded the lid open and braced it against my legs, to keep it from blowing away and quickly closed the lid down halfway to keep it from getting wet as the rain started to pelt down from the cloudy grey skies. Auckland summers are the best!

My optimism was at its height after my break though, and even the sight of the mess inside the box couldn’t dampen my spirits. It didn’t quite look like any of the promotional material, but as I always say, you can judge good sh1t from the cover.

Domino’s loaded fries totally did contain what it said though and had somewhat surprisingly ample toppings of pepperoni, ham, sausage, ground beef and bacon topped with a drizzle of BBQ sauce. ‘meatlovers’ is an accurate description. There was also a lot of orange sh1t in there that tasted good, but I couldn’t quite identify it until I got home and checked the website – cheese sauce apparently.

I wrestled against the howling wind and driving rain to get this meal into my mouth using my hand and a well shaped stick I had found (I could’ve used a fork next time please) and actually it was pretty great.

The fries were delicious, crispy as to not get soggy in the sauces and meat juice – and now rain, and very generously seasoned. All of the toppings were… Ah… on par with what I would expect for the price, but to be fair, also super tasty!

Locked and loaded – 6.5/10

Where to get:

Domino’s Pizza.

Loaded Fries Price is:

BBQ meat lovers: $14.00

El Scocho: $14.00

Bacon & Cheese: $13.00

Cheesy Loaded: $12.00

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