Countdown – Hot Roast Chicken – Culley’s Ghost Chilli Marinade

With the impending supermarket wars begining soon, Countdown New Zealand is starting to throw down a few gauntlets and I am more than happy to shine a spotlight on the better gambits and I am going to call this out as an awesome marketing idea – Countdown supermarkets have called upon allies Culley’s to provide some hot ghost chilli marinade for roasting chicken with.

For those of you who try to stay out of wonderful world of chilli, a ghost chilli is one of the hotter boys.

Also known as the bhut jolokia – Jolokia meaning ‘pepper’ and bhut meaning ‘butt’ to give us the ‘Butt Pepper’.

Oh no, wait Bhut actually means it is from Bhutan in ‘Assamese’ , which isn’t another joke, it is a real language – from the North Eastern state of Assam in India.

Alright let us get away from the toilet humor and back on track here…

… bhut jolokia translating to the ‘Bhutan Pepper’ which is a hybrid pepper from Northern India and one of the hottest peppers in existence. (it has been usurped by the Trinadad Scorpion pepper and then the Carolina reaper).

The particular chicken that I picked up was cooked to absolute juicy falling off the bone perfection, butt wasn’t quite as hot as I was expecting from the ferocious ghost pepper. Don’t get me wrong, in places this was very hot, but the overall heat distribution made it edible for anyone who has any pepper tolerance at all. 

I am not sure if one can still buy these or how long they are around for, but I checked the website a little earlier and it said ‘unavailable’. I do hope that isn’t all of them, because I just found this sh1t and I love it. This is the best flavour rotisserie chicken I have ever had.

If you should see one around, it is only a ghost pepper marinate – it isn’t literally a chicken made out of ghost peppers. Do not fear, quell your inhibitions and buy one. As it says right there on the packet: “Don’t be chicken”.

Pairs well with: ghost chips

Owo tana siam – 8/10

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