Cookie Smash Choc Cross Buns

It’s that time of the year again:

C̶o̶o̶k̶i̶e̶  Easter time. And like every Easter we have to eat spiced buns with crosses of glue on the top of them because some bloke jumped out of a cave a long time ago and saw his shadow, giving us six more weeks of winter. Or something along those lines.

First up, the derivation of these buns name is worth exploring:

Hot – They are often served hot.

Cross – They have an iconic cross pattern on the top 

Bun – I used to think that the ‘bun’ part of the name had something to do with the Easter bun-ny, but actually that part of the name is included because hot cross buns are, in fact, buns. The bread kind. Not the bun-bun kind.

This is an Easter collaboration between Cookie Time and the bakery folk at Countdown , so in answer to the question that almost always comes up: you get these exclusively from Countdown supermarkets.

On first appraisal it seemed this was just a hot cross bun with a Cookie Time mini cookie of average quality roughly in the centre of the brown (presumably chocolate) cross adorning the top.

I was happy to find though, after tearing one apart, that there was some added value inside that made this a much better ‘smash up’ then it would’ve been by just putting a cookie on top.

The bun was appropriately sweet and soft and seemed of a decent enough quality but it also had huge chunks of chocolate in there and little veins of soft cookie that started my head nodding in vigorous  approval. 

Some of these buns didn’t have the chocolate and cookie dough evenly distributed. Even though the word ‘hot’ isn’t included in the name of this product, I would recommend heating to get everything flowing and maximally diversify each bite.

A fine, but less than traditional hot cross bun, it is boring to eat the same hot cross bun every year, so any variation on the same old sh1t is welcome. If I were killed and locked up in a cave for three days, I would probably consider coming back to life to try one of these.

Bun time – 6.5/10

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