Calbee – Honey Butter chips

When thinking of my favourite flavour of chips I don’t really think of honey butter.

In fact, I have never even heard of such a thing as honey butter chips.

In fact I have never even heard of such a thing as honey butter…

The research team was quick to return to me confirming that ‘honey butter’ is indeed a thing and the name actually gives a strong hint as to what it is – honey butter recipes online list the major ingredients as honey and butter. You pretty much just whip them together until a fluffy consistency has been reached.

Opening this packet filled the air with the sweet aroma of honey butter. I didn’t even know what honey butter was 5 minutes ago, but it smelt of honey and of butter, guessing this is what honey butter smells like.
Pleasant though not at all like the rancid popcorn butter smell that circus clowns smell like.

The chips looked like normal potato chips to me despite the handy english language nutritional value label on the back stating that these were a ‘potato biscuit’. Which is another thing that exists, but which these are not.

I also don’t know what those green flecks on the chips are from the ingredient list – unless that is what tocopherol looks like. Yeah, I didn’t know what that was either – turns out it is a radical scavenger, delivering an H atom to quench free radicals? Or some kind of organic Vitamin E compound? Maybe both.

Anyway, enough of the bullsh1t – these taste wonderful. Light, sweet and subtle. They tasted like what I imagine honey sweetened butter would taste like. The texture was crunchy like the potato chips I know and love, they seemed to melt in the mouth after a couple of chews and really added something to the buttery flavour.

I probably don’t have nearly enough experience in Korean snacks, but from what I have tried they seem to have a complex but more subtle and light flavour than many of the more intense snack flavours of some other countries (looking at you, the US). What you folk think? Is that accurate?

I can’t believe it’s not honey butter – 7.5/10

Cut the sh1t:

Are Honey Butter Chips good?

A little subjective – but yes. Sweeter than what you might be used to with more common potato chip flavours.

What do Honey Butter Chips taste like?

They really do taste like honey and butter. Sweet and smooth and light.

Where can I get Honey Butter Chips in New Zealand?

I got mine from H Mart.

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