Cadbury Dairy Milk – Snifters

Here we go again. Another mash up featuring a favourite kiwi lollie from days gone by. This time it is Snifters, the minty green dragees that invoke cinema going nostalgia in those of us that remember them. Haven’t we done this one before?

Yeah, kinda of, we did Snifters Lumps not so long ago, where they removed the pineapple sh1t from the pineapple lumps and replaced it with the mint nougat sh1t from the centre of a Snifter. Apparently this was so popular that they have decided to use the Snifter effect again in this Dairy Milk block.

Anyone know where the name Snifters comes from? I know that a snifter is also a type of drinking glass for drinking brandy and cognac and sh1t like that from, but that has sh1t all to do with this round peppermint and chocolate lollie. I don’t know, all that comes to mind is perhaps someone’s grandma liked to drink her peppermint schnapps from a big ole snifter, instead of a tiny, little schnapps glass…

Are we getting less excited about discontinued lollies being resurrected as limited edition special release products yet? I have to admit, that I found it harder to get excited about this sh1t this time around. I feel like it was only 64 weeks ago since I tried the last Snifter release…

It did taste pretty decent actually. Dairy Milk chocolate was on point as usual and it did have a nice mild mint flavour, but this sh1t didn’t really have any real Snifter to it for me. If you read the not so fine print right there on the front of the packet it says: “INSPIRED by Pascall Snifters” and “Dairy Milk chocolate with Snifter Mint FLAVOURED marshmallows.”

Snifters are a mint candy coated, multi layered, chocolate and mint nougat lollie, not a mint marshmallow. In my not so humble opinion they really should have had some sort of a candy crunch in here. The crunch was really what snifters were all about for me.

Still tasty, but …

Snifter? More like S-NOT-fter – 5/10

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