Cadbury Dairy Milk Slices Vanilla Passionfruit

Dairy Milk Slices Vanilla Passionfruit

Cut the Sh1t I don’t want to read all this…

As per usual, A few questions sprung to my mind when I was recommended Cadbury Dairy Milk Slices Vanilla Passionfruit and the most pressing of these questions was the use of the word ‘slice’. I thought perhaps these were going to have a different shape or something, but from the packaging it just looks like a normal Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate block with a different flavour inside.

There is a picture of a cross section of one of the chocolate squares showing a layer of vanilla cream and a layer of passionfruit creme, surely that isn’t what it means by slice? Is that it? Don’t get me wrong, it sounds good, but I really don’t think it is a reason to create a new range of products named ‘Slices’.

Anyway that is just a slice of my thoughts on the Cadbury Dairy Milk Slices Vanilla Passionfruit – what a mouthful. Literally. Let’s move on to the opening. I thought it had still been pretty cold of late, but for some reason this had melted a little, no big deal – just want to warn all of you of the possible lower than normal melting point of this particular variation. Smells like chocolate, btw.

Actually slicing into this shows a vastly different construction than that shown on the front of the packaging. The vanilla creme inside each square is just a big bubble and the passionfruit jelly is a bubble within that bubble. It actually looks like a creme egg in there!

I suppose that is a type of layering, not really a slice though. Any way you slice it it is not what I was led to believe by the packaging.

I put all that aside to analyze the most important attribute of this product, the taste:

Chocolate was chocolate, I am sure you all know what Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate tastes like by now, the vanilla creme was a little on the subtle side, but that passionfruit jelly really makes up for it – tastes exactly like passionfruit! Well done. I am calling this a success, tastes like passionfruit with a hint of vanilla that works to blend the flavour into the smooth chocolate.

Slice of heaven – 8/10

Cut the sh1t:

Is Dairy Milk Slices Vanilla Passionfruit good?

Yes, it tastes like Passionfruit and chocolate and sh1teater thinks it is a delicious combination.

What does Dairy Milk Slices Vanilla Passionfruit taste like?

The Passionfruit flavour is very good and tastes very close to real passionfruit! The vanilla creme is a little more subtle and blends the passionfruit with the chocolate very nicely.

Does Dairy Milk Slices Vanilla Passionfruit use real passionfruit?

The ingredient list calls it passionfruit ‘flavoured’ jelly and does not mention passionfruit as an ingredient.

Where can I get Dairy Milk Slices Vanilla Passionfruit in New Zealand?

New World Supermarket. Click below:

Buy Here:

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