Cadbury Dairy Milk Marble

Remember this shit? I don’t. But I keep hearing about how it’s return seems to have improved the life of people everywhere. In an attempt to try and appease the internet advertising algorithms so that I can have some reprieve from seeing this shit all the time, I have finally decided to try some.

It sounded pretty boring to me as I simply deemed to be a mixture of normal Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate and Cadbury Dream white chocolate. But I had judged this shit by it’s cover and not read the fine print. It is actually marbled milk/white chocolate filled with hazelnut praline centre.

Sorry Cadbury, that actually does sound kind of nice. I am into hazelnut (or cobnut) (or filbert) and I am very interested to know what a praline is.

Praline as it turns out is an oft used filling for chocolates. It is made from nuts and sugar and often some type of milk or cream. If you have ever had one of those boxes of chocolate that people give as ‘go to’ gifts for like christmas and birthdays and mother’s day and anniversaries and valentines day and thank you day and pretty much any time you want to give someone something nice, but aren’t too sure what to get, then you probably have tasted a praline something. Usually hazelnut. That shit is what praline is.

These are quite pleasing to the eye, with the two different types of chocolate improperly mixed to give the appearance of a marbled chocolate and the taste is exactly what you would expect, neither Milk nor Dream white chocolate, somewhere betwixt the two. The filling reminded me exactly of what you find in Cadbury Roses – the one in the Orange and Silver wrapper, I think. Nice, but not my favorite. I like the Strawberry ones.
This is decent chocolate and decent hazelnut praline filling. If you like those things then this will improve your life.

Thank you very much, thank you very very very much. 6/10

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