Cadbury Dairy Milk – Clinkers

Hey everybody look – another one of our favourite confectioneries have been embedded in Cadbury Dairy milk chocolate.

Actually, I don’t know what this sh1t is, I never heard of Clinkers before. I only bought them because it said ‘special edition’ and I didn’t want to miss out. What about you? Yous know what this sh1t is? A favourite of yours?

My researchers tell me that clinker is some sh1t used in the manufacture of cement – limestone, silica, iron oxide and alumina is heated in coal to make pebble-like sh1t called clinker. It is then ground down and mixed with gypsum to make cement.

Aren’t them rough bricks on all the houses built in the 70’s around here called clinker brick? There is another definition listed here – ‘clinker’ bricks are bricks that have been overcooked so long in the kiln that they go all blackened and deformed.

Damn, sounds a treat.

Sh1t – there’s more…

Clinker can mean something that is ‘first-rate’.

Or conversely it can mean the opposite – any mistake or error. · something that is a failure; a product of inferior quality.

Damn, this could literally be anything.

Ah. here. – I have just found these balls of chocolate covered candy things on some Australian websites. You can buy them at Coles and IGA and other alien sounding supermarkets in Australia. Anyone seen these over here in New Zealand? Seriously, am I missing something? I don’t believe I have ever seen this sh1t before…

Is this a case of the Aus/NZ market being seen as the same?

Whatever, not going to complain about more variety in sh1t for me to try, so let’s try:

Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate – I am going to skip, I think we all know what it is like by now, if not, scroll back a bit on the timeline I am sure I have talked about Dairy Milk before – these little coloured candy pieces and littered throughout the chocolate and taste vaguely fruity. Going by the colours, pink, green and yellow, I am going to guess strawberry, lime, banana? Anyone know? Texture is crunchy and a little chalky.

Yeah, not bad. Might like better if I knew what this sh1t was supposed to be though.

Clink. Clink. – 6/10

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