Cadbury – Caramilk – Hokey Pokey

Remember Caramilk? Of course you do, seems everyone who tried this shit was pretty infatuated by it. Currently it is being advertised and shared prolifically on social media platforms and I would probably be considered lapse in my duties as a food reviewer if I didn’t address the new shit on the block. Plus both @jesslyn_x and @kimmy_in_gissy threatened to unfollow me, if I didn’t review it. They didn’t really of course, who would unfollow this amazing account? But thank you both for bringing this shit to my attention.

So this one is a little different this time, seems cadbury weren’t satisfied with the massively positive reactions to their Caramilk and decided to up the stakes by sprinkling some hokey pokey into the mix. I recall the normal Caramilk being a little on the sweet side for my evolved palette, I think I only gave it a 6 or something, but I do remember how creamy the chocolate was.

“Chocolate has no business being this creamy” – sh1teater circa 2017

Let us see if Cadbury Caramilk can improve its score with the addition of hokey pokey.

This looked exactly the same as I remember it looking (except are the size of the blocks getting even smaller? Surely that is just my disapproval of the infamous 2019 family bar downsizing still clouding my view.)

It was still super sweet and still smooth and creamy like I remember. The hokey pokey was crushed up nice and small and added uniformly, meaning that it was spread nice and evenly throughout the bar. Hokey Pokey is well known for it’s satisfying crunch and that was certainly the case here, made all the more satisfying by the contrast to the soft, creamy texture of the chocolate.

The flavour of hokey pokey is similar to caramel, after all they are both burnt sugar, and in this bar, the hokey pokey made the caramel flavours much more intensely caramel. Although still a little sweet for me, I do like it and I like it better than the non hokey pokey variety.

Hokey pokey is still a stupid name – 7/10

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