Cadbury – Caramilk – again

Cast your mind back…

– 134 weeks ago? No, even further.

Back to 219 weeks ago, when, newly unleashed on the world @sh1teater made one of the very first posts on this account. The 8th ever post to be exact. Back then my phone camera was a lot sh1ttier and the gimmick of using up all of the available caption space had not yet been dreamt up.

It is with great embarrassment that I have gone back and read the pathetic 638 character review I posted back then. Barely enough to call a review!

So when I received a request to revisit the Caramilk through the state of the art request form on my website, I knew it was a good time to serve my modern, knowledge hungry followers with a proper review this time using all of the available space.

Except -sh1t!- I have already burnt through 762 characters in this introduction…

Alright – without any further space wasting, I bring you my latest and updated review, without any more word stuffing to fill up the caption space, of Cadbury’s product that they call the Caramilk. Ready? Here we go…

Without further a̶d̶i̶e̶u̶ ado:

The request stated that the Caramilk just didn’t seem like the Caramilk of yore and something seemed off. Specifically mentioned was the lack of smell.

I opened the packet and took a deep whiff. I have an excellent sense of smell, in fact, I have been known to sniff out a truffle buried in 4 metric tons of sewage and mudslide – and I definitely could smell this – a white chocolate/caramel smell. Perhaps it is not as rich and strong as 4.20 years ago, but I am not sure if I can remember it that clearly.

Caramilk isn’t really my favourite – very creamy in texture but still too sweet for me. Any of you reading this noticed a change in Caramilk?

I am going to give the requester the benefit of the doubt, because there is definitely a smell (I hope covid hasn’t affected their olfactory faculties!) but could be that it is not as strong as before – not sure – it is possible that my sense of smell is better, but perhaps my memory is not as good as theirs. I’ll just subtract half a point for good measure.

Scentless drivel – 6/10

Cut the sh1t:

Is Cadbury Caramilk really that good?

It is pretty delicious – but very sweet. I am not sure if it deserves all of the positive hype that it gets.

What does Cadbury Caramilk Chocolate taste like.

It tastes very much like a white chocolate with an extra caramel (browned sugar ) taste. Super sweet.

Where can I buy Cadbury Caramilk Chocolate?

In NZ you can buy Cadbury Caramilk Chocolate from Countdown –> Here

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