BurgerFuel – The Roundhouse Ram

BurgerFuel – The Roundhouse Ram

This is part two of the epic clash between New Zealand’s takeaway heavy weights, today we will be taking on @burgerfuel ‘s champion The Roundhouse Ram. For @hellpizza ‘s offering check my last post…

…and fighting out of the purple corner, representing the forces of Burger, is none other than BurgerFuel with the exceedingly powerful burger warrior: Roundhouse Ram. This beast is an imposing fighter, that has also been trained under extreme secrecy. I tried to find out more, but every spy that I sent into their camp returned ‘smashed juicy’ and unable to communicate.

Burgerfuel has reached out recently and told reporters that Roundhouse Ram will be employing: “ground and pound of tender braised Oamaru lamb shoulder, a fresh jab of sweet mint sauce, body blows of sautéed onions and smashed crumbed pea bites. All finished off with a generous serving of fresh sliced tomatoes, batch brewed tomato relish and free range BurgerFuel Aioli.”

If anyone can crush The Silencer, looks like Roundhouse Ram has got it covered.

Feast your eyes on this impressive, woe-working burger, if you put your phone screen up close to your face, you might be able to smell the aroma of lamb already weakening your resolve before even biting into the burger.

I was already feeling sorry for Roundhouse Ram after having tasted the Silencer, I was expecting a very one sided fight, but as the flavours of the Ram filled my mouthparts, my expression changed from one of dutiful interest to one of disbelief. 

The lamb again featured most strongly the pattie was full of texture and melt in the mouth soft and juicy. This wasn’t just some minced up lamb this was the real deal. The sautéed onions were amazingly flavourful and adding the sweetness of the mint sauce and tomato relish was a stroke of genius. Crumbed pea bites added a further dimension to this contender and before I finished eating I was already slumped on the ropes.

Tallying up the scores I have:

Hell Pizza – The Silencer of Lambs – 9/10

BurgerFuel – Roundhouse Ram – 9/10

There we have it folks, it all ended in a draw from my scorecards. 

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