BurgerFuel – Mustang Deli

Hot on the hells, sorry, I mean ‘heels’ of that other fast food joint, @burgerfuel has been the next one to introduce something new and exciting enough to attract the attention of sh1teater.

The Mustang Deli is a Reuben sandwich inspired… wait, really? Again? Wow, what are the chances of my two favourite fast food franchises each releasing Reuban sandwich inspired foodstuff mere weeks of one another?
During lockdown, did I miss some sort of Reuban sandwich revival revolution? Has the Reuban taken over the world? Is there some sort of aggressive corporate secret stealing going on, as food joints jostle for superiority axised around the Reuben sandwich in this post-apocalyptic world?

The answers to these questions may never be known, I will leave it to the conspiratorial types to explore, but the net gain is that I get to try both a pizza and a burger based on a Reuben. They do say that competition is good for the consumer…

BurgerFuel’s take on this classic sandwich collaborates with @albrownchef and gives us a burger with a beef patty, a chunk of corned beef, pickles, cheddar cheese, Old Yella Habanero Mustard and for some reason, kimchi inside a pretzel bun. Sounds good to me.
And it was good.

But as a new convert to the Reuben sandwich order of the new world(May Reuban’s light shine unto thee), I just didn’t get a Reuban enough vibe from this. Corned beef and Pickles were the perfect stars of the show. Cheddar cheese was ample and delicious, but why not swiss cheese? Like Reubans sandwich tenant 4:16 declares? I couldn’t even find any kimchi on my burger, but why kimchi? No sauerkraut available? Missing also was the russian dressing, unless that is what that white stuff is – probably Aioli though. I loved the mustard, but there just wasn’t enough…I might have to procure a bottle of @oldyellamustard myself. Pretzel bun instead of Rye? Actually I don’t care about that, the pretzel bun was amazing and I loved it.

A little on the small side, but all and all a good burger. Needed more of Reubans blessed influence, imo.

You better slow that Mustang down – 7.5/10

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