Burgerfuel – Johnny Hash

Johnny hash burger

Burgerfuel has just released the Johnny Hash -the burger based on the life of Johnny Cash – only instead of amphetamines, they added hash…browns.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Johnny Cash’s work, he is a famous cowboy looking guy who wrote a song called ‘Men in Black’ which was the theme song for the popular film from 1997 called ‘Men in Black’. I woke up Sunday morning with no way to hold my head that didn’t hurt so I went to go get a feed at the local Burgerfuel. After a few steps I noticed I had forgotten my guns at home, but I shrugged and carried on, maybe best I don’t take my guns to town. At the counter I was greeted by a man in black who was wearing a name badge that read ‘Sue’. Strange name for a boy, but he seemed pretty tough so I didn’t question him at all and walked the line back out to the door and left to devour my meal one piece at a time.

And they packed a whole bunch of shit into this one! We got grilled chicken, bacon, ranch dressed coleslaw, mango and a hash brown topped with a smokey BBQ sauce. All great cowboy ingredients apart from the mango. How did the mango sneak in here? Did Johnny Cash famously love mangoes or something? Ah, whatever, I am down with the mangoes and that’s all that counts here.

This was delicious, but doofer was mandatory here, this looked like it could literally head south without the proper care. Coleslaw was nice and crunchy, smokey, sweet flavours from BBQ sauce and bacon combined nicely with the mango. The hashbrown lost it’s crunch in places due to the high level of condiment moisture, but still enough crunch for me to sink my teeth into. I wouldn’t leave it sitting around for too long though.

Mango in black? – 8/10

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