BurgerFuel – Jafa Thickshake


Did you know @burgerfuel does thickshakes? I guess I probably did, but I don’t believe I have ever been driven to try one. That is until I saw the new jafa thickshake that is said to be available for a very limited time.

The, always entertaining, BurgerFuel advertising informs me that the ‘jafa’ stands for: Just Another… Uh, “Just Another Fresh (af) All-natural Thickshake”. Golly gee willikers, steady on there BurgerFuel, it almost seemed like you were about to use a naughty word. If you have been following this account for any length of time, you probably have noticed how strongly I disapprove of using curse words and shit like that.

I am pretty sure ‘jafa’ is referring to the orange chocolate flavoured lolly known as the ‘jaffa’. I am assuming they can’t use exact spelling because it is a fiercely protected trademark owned by RJ’s in NZ and, I think, Allens in Aus.

BurgerFuel claims to have whipped a double shot of orange flavour into their chocolate shake and judging by the smell wafting out of the cup and the intense orange flavour, I fully believe that they did.

This shit was very creamy and sweet like any of the best thickshakes you have had in the past and the chocolate flavour, normally a feature in a shake, was given the back seat. Orange was the one driving on this trip, chocolate filled in the aftertaste nicely.

I am not normally a thickshake type of a person, but this was thoroughly enjoyable. One small complaint: I am not sure what the going rate on shakes are these days, but this was priced the same as all other non-soy thickshakes on the menu at $7.50, but what the hell, treat yourself once in a while.

Although the cup did seem on the small side, it was so rich and satisfying that I reckon it was about the right size. Seriously they could’ve given me a steel drum sized serving of this shit and I would’ve eagerly guzzled down every last drop, but probably exploded like that fat, french dude from that Monty Python movie, I think it was called Super Size Me? Best to leave it at the current serving size, methinks.

Just Another Fine Amalgamation – 8/10

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