Burger King – Ghost Pepper Whopper


It’s some more ghost pepper sh1t – this time Burger King messing around with the supernatural forces of the ghost pepper and fearlessly channeling it into their most famous burger, the Whopper.

Just to freshen up our knowledge of the ghost pepper, I have reviewed ghost pepper sh1t before and it was the bhut of my jokes because it is also known as ‘bhut jolokia’ It is one of the hottest peppers, but not THE hottest, in the world. Burger King is advertising this as: “It’s kick in the face, iron your shirt, blow your socks off hot!”

I could not resist this phantasmal call, I do love me some hot pepper. Just want to be clear though: I am not one of these:
-“that’s not even hot” as I turn red in the face and start crying through clenched teeth- pepper fans. Quite the opposite: if it is hot as sh1t, I am going to say it is hot as sh1t.

This wasn’t hot as sh1t.

Seems like BK is telling whoppers.

It was hot a little though so not recommended for very elderly or infants or those especially susceptible to spicy. Any one who likes even a slight heat should be fine though. I could tell that the taste of the ghost pepper sauce wasn’t just generic chilli, it tasted like actual ghost pepper, so I will score them one extra point for that.

I get that a fast food joint has to mass produce food and cater to the largest group of customers possible, but come on BK, you don’t need to lie and act all tough and sh1t. It is not that hot. We still love you – you don’t need to prove yourself to anyone. Just keep on making good burgers.

Just to be completely thorough, I also tried Ironing my shirt with it, but it didn’t work that well, I just ended up with burger grease all over it and a large stain from ghost pepper sauce.

It was tasty though – just a Whopper burger with some ghost pepper sauce on it, nothing wrong with that – no need to tell whoppers about the relative heat of the burger.

Also I feel there was a missed an opportunity to combo these with some spicy ghost chips.

Some like it hot – 5/10

Cut the sh1t:

What does the ghost pepper Whopper taste like?

It is decent… just not very hot! Just a normal whopper with a zingy sauce that does actually tastes like ghost pepper.

Is the ghost pepper Whopper really spicy?

No. It does taste of ghost pepper though.

What is in Burger Kings Ghost Pepper Whopper?

Normal Whopper ingredients:

  • flame-grilled beef
  • juicy tomatoes
  • fresh cut lettuce
  • crunchy pickles
  • sliced white onions
  • soft sesame seed bun.

with a ghost pepper sauce.

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