Burger King – Big King XL

You ever seen that advert where the scores of @burgerkingnz workers flock to a competitor’s fast food restaurant and buy one of their most famous menu items to take it back to the lab to reverse engineer it and add it to their menu?

They took great steps to hide the branding of their competitor by cleverly blurring out the sign, but my amazing research team, using only a few cryptic clues, have managed to figure out what restaurant this was and even managed to work out the menu item in question.

It would be wrong of me to spill the sh1t that BK has taken so many steps to hide, so for ease of talking about it, we are just going to call the competitors restaurant ‘Mark Donald’s’ and the menu item in question, a burger, we are going to refer to as the ‘Big Mark’. I have been very obscure – no one is going to be able to figure this one out.

So, Burger King workers infiltrated a Mark Donald’s restaurant and bought Big Marks with the intention of unlocking the recipe.

But unlike something you would find on AliExpress, instead of taking a popular consumer item and making some piece of sh1t that vaguely works like the original, BK is putting forward the best argument against intellectual property laws and actually trying to improve the product.

The Big King XL is similar to Big Mark, but is missing the middle bun and is quite a bit larger. The special sauce was close, I think it needed more pickles or at least a better coverage of pickles. The biggest difference in my opinion was the beef. You can get a junior version of the Big King, but the XL was pretty big and the patties had a meatier ‘flame grilled’ taste compared to the original.

I am not a huge fan of the Big M̶a̶c̶ Mark, but I do like them. Is this sh1t better? I am going to be controversial and say, yes. I did like it better. Not bad against a company that has been making the Big Mark for 53 years. It isn’t a carbon copy of the original however, so hardcore fans of the Big Mark may not agree.

Bonus sh1t: In Australia, Burger King is called ‘Hungry Jacks’ and have named a similar product the Big Jack.

Top Marks – 7.5/10

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