Bluebird – Kiwi Favourites – Lamington


Ok, ok – enough! Here is Bluebirds lamington flavoured chips.

These received more requests for review than anything else so far, you may recognize some of the power recommenders listed below that all came out in force to get me to eat this shit. Thanks to:


I guess lamingtons are kiwi, but is it a kiwi favourite? They alright, but raise your hand anyone who reckons lamingtons are your ‘favourite’. Anyone not know what a lamington is? Too bad, conceivably someone out there doesn’t know.

A lamington is a sponge cake covered in chocolate sauce and rolled in decimated or desiccated coconut.

So why would someone make a lamington flavoured chip?

I can only guess that it is because it will get your product shared around on instagram food review accounts and hopefully increase brand awareness and sales. No way that it could possibly be because it tastes good, I am fairly sure that this shit will not taste good.

Of course, sh1teater is not just a name given to me at birth by my loving parents, it is a title I have earned through posting shit on instagram, begging for followers and shameless self promotion. I take my duties very seriously and there is no way that I am not going to eat something this strange and that was created right here.

I winced and turned my head away as I opened the packet, the heady aroma of actual lamingtons reaching my nostrils. Slowly opening my squinted eyes, I discovered that they didn’t look all that nice either – chips with cocoa powder sprinkled on them.

Down the hatch – amazing. They actually tasted exactly of lamington, sweet, not salty with coconut and chocolate both featuring heavily. They didn’t taste half as bad as I thought they would, they literally tasted of lamington. The texture was enough to create an impression in my head that something was very wrong. And there was something wrong, even an exceptional replication of lamington flavour, just has no place on a chip.

Well done, but also, why? – 4.5/10

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