Bluebird – Delisio – Italian Margherita Pizza Chips

Well… Looks like I am going to have to postpone my trip to Italy…

Luckily Bluebird has released a few new flavours ‘Inspired by the world’s finest flavours’ so we can travel the world of taste, instead of sitting at home all day or endlessly pacing up and down our road in the pursuit of adequate physical exercise.

By that I mean, we can absently eat a bag of chips that probably taste vaguely of food from some country or other, while sitting in a darkened room staring blankly at the “Are you still watching…?” screen.

I mean…

That’s right! Now you can whisk yourself to the other side of the world with “American BBQ Ribs”, Italian Margherita Pizza “ or “British Prawn Cocktail”!!

I had to go to Italy because I couldn’t find any of the other ones. Actually I couldn’t find much of anything at the supermarket, it looks like people have gotten really hungry all of a sudden. Not quite sure why the increase in people’s caloric needs, perhaps all that extra walking up and down the street.

Bluebird has attempted to capture the flavours of a ‘Italian” Margherita Pizza – as opposed to what exactly? A ‘Ugandan’ Margherita Pizza? Isn’t saying it is Italian a little redundant? Perhaps they are making sure we didn’t get confused and think it was going to taste like tequila, triple sec and lime? Actually I wanted to make this joke, but it has been ruined by such specificity. Thanks – now we are going to have to pad out the caption section with actual facts about Margherita pizza.

This pizza was said to have been created in 1889 to honor the Queen of Italy, Margherita of Savoy and Italian unification tomato (red), mozzarella (white) and basil (green), are said to be inspired by the colors of the national flag of Italy. But these ingredients have been recorded used earlier, the mozzarella used to make the shape of a flower on the pizza. The Italian word ‘margherita’ translates to ‘daisy’ in English.

This tasted like a real pizza with basil, cheese and tomato flavours prominent. Not your usual pizza flavour, tastes very much of a high end pizza. From Italy.

Just like being not at home – 7.5/10

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