Bluebird Chips – Family Faves – Loaded Baked Potato

Here we go with another limited edition – this time from Bluebird chips who are presenting one of their family favorites – maybe it is supposed to be one of my family favourites – is loaded baked potato one of your family favourites? Perhaps they made this flavour for you…

You may have noticed that it actually says family ‘faves’. There is a river Fave in France and I think ‘fave’ might mean beans in Italian? (Family beans, anyone?) I am just going to guess that the the packet was too slim to fit the entire word ‘favourites’ on and assume that is what they meant.

I have to thank these food companies for putting all this limited edition sh1t lately – nothing motivates me to post more reviews than creating a ‘limited edition’ product because I hate missing out on new and exciting foodstuffs.

I really wanted to review this flavour because I like the idea of a potato flavoured potato chip. I feel like ready salted is ‘potato flavoured’ just with some salt. But looking at this one a bit closer I realise that this flavour is probably more about the sh1t that you load up on top of a baked potato rather than the exciting flavour of a dry baked potato. Probably Bluebirds take on the ‘The Works’ flavour by another popular potato chip manufacturer.

This is only one of the ‘family faves’ range. I have also tried the lasagna one which was very much a simple tomato lasagne (btw lasagnE is the plural where as lasagnA is singular lasagna noodle in the original Italian, but we don’t call spaghetti ‘spaghetto’ because it is the plural and English doesn’t translate well from languages with plural/singular words sometimes – so whatever – I don’t speak Italian, spell it how ever you like). I haven’t seen the butter chicken one anywhere yet, is it worth seeking out?

This flavour was tasty enough, fairly average. Hard to put my finger on what it tasted like exactly though, I guess some cheese, soured cream, bacon and chives. Not unpleasant, similar to The Works, I think the thinner chip here is a better pair for the flavour though.

Lock and load – 5/10


Load of sh1t – 5 / 10

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