Bake’n Break – Cheeseburger Sliders – II

Sh1t it’s cold. I wish I had something hot and delicious for lunch…

Suddenly – a blinding flash of cold white light and a cloud of burger scented smoke and a mysterious parcel appeared before me. bakenbreaknz had granted my wish. Damn, if I knew it was going to come true I would’ve wished for something harder to obtain, like a cure for cancer or 10k followers, because this Bake n’ Bake sh1t isn’t so hard to get one’s hands on anymore…

Many of you may remember that I have reviewed this before (If you haven’t: Hey check out this new and exciting product!!) and you would be correct, I have. But this isn’t a review, this is a special announcement that Bake n’ Break wanted me to share with you and I am going to make an exception here and post the same sh1t twice. I do love this product, both idea and execution, and am really happy to get the opportunity to help support a NZ business, but mostly I am making the exception because they sent me this sh1t and some really nifty stickers for free.

So, my fine followers here it is:

No longer do you have to skulk about in shadowy back alleys and dilapidated suburban filth shacks looking for the good sh1t, you can now simply kayak down to your nearest Farros (another fine NZ company, farrofresh) for they have shaken the hand of profitable foodstuff distribution and now carry Bake n’ Break.

Additionally there are now, as we speak, 3 golden tickets hidden in some of the bakes you will see on Farros shelves for the next couple of weeks with which you could win some “awesome prizes”. (Note: Tickets are all gone, slowpoke)

I checked the one they sent me, but alas I only got delicious cheeseburger in mine.

Fly, my sh1ttys – fly to Farros, buy up all the Bake N’ Breaks and hunt them tickets, let me know immediately if you should find one or hear of someone who has!

Same as last time – 9/10

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