Bake ‘nBreak – Glazed Xmas Ham and Cranberry Melt

***Break’n News***

Christmas has come early for me, one of the many advantages of being a sh1teater – sometimes Bake N’ Break will leave sh1t like Glazed Xmas Ham and Cranberry Melt sliders under the Yule tree to eat and make sure they are alright to eat for the rest of yous to eat before Christmas.

This makes me nervous again: the first time I tried Bake’nBreak – that cheeseburger one – I was skeptical that they would be able to pull it off, but lo, a brick of cheeseburger sliders slid from my oven and they were excellent, better than my pessimistic prediction. Surely now Bake’nBreak are pushing their luck though, let’s see if they can pull off ham and cranberry sliders.

I certainly know how to make these now – heat oven, shove this sh1t in there, wait 20 minutes, out, cool then eat.

Once again the slab came out looking glorious – the bread was nice and toasty on the top and the filling (sliced ham, cheese, cranberry jelly and a little smear of aioli) had Christmas scented steam wafting off of it even in the high ambient temperature of a summer kitchen.

This reminded me very much of the lunch after Christmas – you know, where you grab handfuls of the sh1t off of the table from the night before and throw it between some bread, only this is the kind that your mate’s auntie-in-law’s new man-friend, who used to be a chef in belgium, makes for you adding huge extra effort and toasting it up for everyone – then leaning on the counter smirking with pride as everybody says how amazing it is. That guy was at your last year’s boxing day lunch too, right?

I used a knife, but you can kind of tear off a single, if you have run out of knives or gave them away to a christmas charity. It is a perfect little two bites and there are 15 of them. The ham is literally just sliced glazed ham which goes perfectly with the sweet/tart cranberry jelly and of course the cheese had melted all over it creating a gooey mess that contrasted texture perfectly with the crispy crust of the bread.

They done it again.

Damn, this ham is my jam – 8.5/10

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