Arnotts – teeVee snacks

Today I felt like being a lazy sh1t and chilling in front of the TV. Do people still say TV? Or is it all Netflix? Watch TV or watch Netflix? I know they don’t call it Tee Vee, because that is a stupid spelling. You’re not cute, arnottsbiscuits what if I started referring to you as R0’s. (arr-nought’s — get it? Yeah. See? That is you. That is how you sound.)

For those of you who are not familiar, ‘television’ is a big, usually square, display screen that emits sound and light in the form of moving images for the purpose of entertainment. Not to be confused with the mobile ‘phone’ device or ‘computer’ which can be used to watch television on as well.

Actually this has become very confusing, it seems television is now less of a physical object and more of an abstract extracurricular activity, unless watching TV is part of your usual curriculum, but let us not further confuse things.

Tele – comes from the fact that television is a telecommunication medium and vision means that it must have a visual component. TeeVee doesn’t mean anything, it is just a stupid way of spelling out the contraction of ‘television’, which by the way is ‘TV’.

Dumb name aside, these ain’t bad at all, just a normal biscuit with hard coloured icing and sprinkles on it, oh and it is in the shape of a doughnut because it was ‘inspired by Krispy Kreme Doughnuts’ and I guess we eat doughnuts when we watch TV now or something 🤔

I chose the strawberry one because it looks like something famous TeeVee personality Homer Jay Simpson would eat. I guess it tasted like a doughnut, but mostly it tasted like a biscuit in the shape of a doughnut with vaguely strawberry icing. It worked pretty well as a TV snack and pairs very well with super violent Netflix anime. I have never done biscuits as a TV snack before but I got to say, I would do it again, maybe with ice cream next time.

R0’s TV snacks – 6.5/10

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