Arnotts Cracker Chips – Maple Bacon

Ah sweet, potato!

I mean, ah sweet potato!

Everybody knows that chips are better than crackers, but there are some situations that crackers can do what chips cannot.

You ever had cheese and chips? Me neither although that might be a bad example because that actually sounds like some good shit right there. Okay, what about putting a piece of prosciutto on a chip? Actually that sounds pretty great too.

Ummm… What about something… something… a classy party with your rich Aunt Vivian and Uncle Phil?! Okay, just pretend I have come up with a good example of why you need crackers over chips and can’t choose which one to get…

… And now you don’t have to because Arnott’s Biscuits have created a thing called cracker chips. Which appear to be a hybrid chip/cracker with the best features of each.

There are several varieties of these cracker chips, but I wanted to try these ones because all the different flavours are made from potato, but only the Maple Bacon one had the sweet sweet potato. To be honest I may have chosen the Maple Bacon over flavours like salt and vinegar and honey soy chicken and… actually Sweet Chilli and Sour Cream might be on my list next 🤔  because Maple Bacon was the most unusual flavours on offer. 

Also this actually has dehydrated maple syrup on the ingredient list. No, not ‘dehydrated ‘maple flavoured’ syrup, actual dehydrated maple syrup made from real maple syrup, which, in turn was made from real maple sap. Hard enough to get real maple syrup in NZ never mind cook your cracker chips with it. Well done Arnott’s, way to ‘high quality ingredients’.

Very quickly obvious after opening that these were going to be good as the air suddenly filled with the rich sweet smell of maple and bacon. Next I was blinded by the intensity of the orange sweet potato that these contained. 

The taste was a sweet and savory taste which is exactly what I would expect from something labeled as being Maple Bacon flavoured. Could I taste the sweet potato in these? Yup definitely. 

Texture is always a big deal to me when it comes to snack food and these were fantastic! Exactly a 50/50 split hybrid of the snack cracker (think Shapes) and the potato chip. 

A crispy and crunchy cracker that reminds me of a potato chip and totally a successfully executed amalgamation.

I yam impressed – 7/10

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