180 degrees – Cheese Bites

Damn, if I hadn’t made that last post, I could’ve started up a bit of a ‘yellow product’ theme for this year, because here is another yellow one… Ah well – maybe next year.

The hot weather has created favorable conditions for many invertebrae and now with a little bit of rain up here expect an explosion of tiny beasts. I am already covered in mosquito bites, but the other day I was startled to find that I had picked up a cheese bite from 180 degrees biscuits  

Mosquitos are the deadliest animal in the world, killing around 1 million people per year according to the World Health Organization. Obviously most of these deaths are actually due to complications like infection or a disease such as Malaria, I don’t think too many people die of blood loss, but being swarmed by enough mosquitos to rob you of so much blood that you die is a pretty brutal way to go. Here in NZ, death from mosquito bites is extremely rare.

When a mosquito bites you it injects saliva which prevents the blood from clotting so that it can drink it’s fill. It is the saliva which causes histamine response that creates a small bump and itching.

Cheese bites are different to mosquito bites in that they are much larger and are predominantly made from wheat flour and cheese. Most folk – myself included actually consider cheese bites a delicious snack.

These tasted of cheese, very strongly of cheese. Reminded me a little of a cheese scone, except this tasted more like cheese than any scone ever could. Texture was a little crunchy and a bit crumbly, much like a butter cookie or shortbread texture except this had large chunks of cooked, crispy cheese dispersed throughout. Just as the cheese flavour finally started to wan, a zingy bite of lemon and cayenne pepper popped me in the mouth, ensuring a strong impression.

Feel free to bookmark and save this post to help you remember the differences between mosquito bites and cheese bites.

Mosquito bites:

Allergic reaction to mosquito saliva 
Small bump & Itching 
Probably won’t kill you

Cheese bites:

Taste of cheese
Good sh1t

Once Bitten – 8/10

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